Frequently asked questions

Data Boosters

You can build your own plan by simply adding on data boosters. Data boosters can be purchased easily via MyFarmside 24/7. Off-peak midnight to 5pm data boosters

  • 150GB - $15
  • Unlimited^ - $29
Off-peak boosters must be added for a minimum of two months. ^Farmside's fair use policy applies. Any time boosters purchased via MyFarmside
  • 15GB - $20
  • 50GB - $67
  • 100GB - $133
Any time boosters purchased via calling our team
  • 10GB - $29
  • 50GB - $109
  • 100GB - $190

Calling Rates

Only applicable with a Wireless Broadband and Phone plan.

  • National calling - FREE
  • Local calling - FREE
  • Any NZ mobiles - $0.36
  • Any AUS/Ireland/Canada landlines - $0.26
  • Any USA/UK landlines - $0.21
  • Any USA mobiles - $0.21
  • Any Canada mobiles - $0.26
  • Any Ireland/UK Mobiles - $0.61
  • AUS Mobiles - $0.36 (excludes calls to Australian Mobile Optus Satellite)
Click here to view all other international calling locations and rates

Talk Packs

Only applicable with a Wireless Broadband and Phone plan.

  • NZ mobiles 1 hour - $10.00
  • NZ mobiles 2 hours - $15.00
  • NZ mobiles 4 hours - $25.00
  • NZ mobiles 6 hours - $30.00
  • NZ mobiles 8 hours - $35.00
  • NZ mobiles 10 hours - $40.00
Only one mobile talk pack can be added per month.

Smart Calling Features

Only applicable with a Wireless Broadband and Phone plan.

  • Voicemail $7.15 - An answering service for when your phone line is busy or not answered
  • Call Waiting $4.09 - Will notify you when someone is trying to call you while you're on another call
  • Call Divert $4.09 - Let's you divert calls to a phone number of your choice wherever you are, and always stay in touch
  • Caller Display Free - Makes it possible for you to see who is calling before you answer. Your phone must have caller-id capability.
Click here to view the Smart Calling Features user guide

Self-install/Managed Install

Depending on your location, your Farmside Wireless Broadband service could be a self-install or a managed install. To find out what's available at your location please contact our friendly team on 0800 32 76 74. Self-install: Self-installs are easy and straightforward. Once you receive your modem you simply insert the SIM card supplied and power up the modem and you're set.

  • $15 freight charge applies for the self-install equipment
  • 30 day connection guarantee
Managed Install: A managed install requires a technician to install an aerial and setup your modem. There are two types of managed installs depending on your house and location. Standard Managed Install:
  • Standard installation $99
  • Travel charges may apply
Standard managed install applies where:
  • The premises is a single story home or building made of wood or Brick and has easy access to the roof using a ladder (not scaffolding)
  • The roof pitch is less than 15 degrees
  • 10 metres of cabling or less is required
  • The modem is located against an exterior wall
  • Connecting the service up to a single computer
Non-standard Managed Install:
  • A non-standard managed installation will incure additional labour and parts charges.
  • Travel charges may apply
Non-standard managed install applies where:
  • The premises is a 2 story or architecturally designed (1 or 2 story) home or building
  • The roof pitch is more than 15 degrees
  • Scaffolding or an elevated work platform is required
  • The house is difficult to access (e.g on the side of a cliff)
  • Internal cabling is required
  • Additional cable in excess of 10 metres is required
  • Modem needs to be located in a difficult area to access (e.g in the roof space of an internal office)

Terms and Conditions

  • Plan prices exclude data cap overages of $0.03 per MB
  • A 24 month service term applies. If you require an open term please contact our sales team on 0800 32 76 74 to discuss open term options.