Frequently asked questions

How Do I Order Clearwater Products?

You can order your Clearwater products straight through our website. If you would prefer to order over the phone then you can always call us and we will take the payment and delivery details over the phone.

Do You Supply To The Trade?

Yes we do supply our Clearwater Products to the trade and we have a number of stockists around the country. We like to work in partnership with local tackle stores so that they can offer top quality, well thought out products to their local anglers. If you know of any stores who may be interested in becoming a Clearwater Angling Solutions stockists please either pass on our details to them or pass us their contact information and we will happily make contact.

Are Your Items Always In Stock?

We always try to keep stock of all our Clearwater products, however there are times when demand simply outweighs supply! If you order a product and it is not in stock, we will make contact and either arrange a full refund or replace the product with another Clearwater product of your choice.

Do You Take Field Testers?

At Clearwater we do things slightly differently to most companies and instead of having loads of testers that get the bait cheap ( resulting in everyone else having to pay more ) we try to offer all our products at reasonable prices to everyone. We always welcome feedback and love to see your catch results though. Please #clearwaterangling and #clearwateranglingsolutions in your social media posts or feel free to email high quality images to info@clearwaterangling.co.uk.