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Horton Boat Pools Square Common

Last week I headed to my syndicate lake on the famous Horton Complex with thoughts of trying to catch a new PB bream. The carp seemed to only feed during daylight and being an angler who mainly fishes nights, the bream seemed an achievable target and a good way to pass the long nights on the bank. However things didn’t go quite to plan! I set up in my favoured point swim and places two rods on the clean gravel at 13 wraps. I baited with a light spread of crumbed Clearwater Salty Nut boilies, pellet and a tiny amount of corn. I would normally bait heavy when bream fishing but the catfish in the lake would sit over any large beds so I thought a light spread would work best.

I settled down down for the night and amazingly awoke to no action at first light. I was shocked to be honest! Anyway I sat on the bed and noticed that about two rods to the left of the bait some fizzing kept appearing. Thinking to myself that now was actually Carp bite time I decided to wind the left rod in, stick a trimmed down Nut boilie and a small fake corn in and cast it to the bubblers. I then Catapulted about 10 x 14mm boats around the area one at a time.

An an hour later the rod roared off as a Carp had slipped up. My 2.25lb rods made it a fun fight but to be honest at no point did I feel under gunned. As she neared the bank she surfaced and I could see it was a common, it looked rather large too. I knew of 3 x 40lb commons in the lake and as I played out the final stages of the fight I was trying to think of I knew of any other commons to be caught, the more I thought the more I could only picture the three big girls and when she surfaced to go in the net I knew she was large! At 44.01 she set a new Common Carp PB and was one of the fish I joined to catch. The amazing Square Common.

I think you will agree she is an amazing creature and one I won’t forget in a hurry. I’ll be back in the Spring for the Bream though ... they havn’t got off that lightly!

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