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Perch Fishing At Passies Pond.

This week Amber Rae has been a good girl and when asked what she wanted to do as a reward she replied, go fishing. That’s my gIrl! So we snuck an hours perch fishing in at Passies Pond near our house in West Sussex.

We arrived ten minutes before the match finished so set up her little pink rod and reel with one of our new floats we are currently testing and a size 16 which would hold two red maggots. The other rod was set up to fish with a prawn.

The match finished and we started fishing in the little corner next to the car park. Amber is only 2.5 years old and loved baiting just in front of the platform with the red maggots. Sitting side by side she lifted and dropped her little rod infront of her, content and happy as can be. Then the line tightened and she instinctively lifted the rod and rather than the expected small roach rising from the water, the tip pulled down and she was attached to something much larger. She played the fish in all by herself, I was a very proud Dad! The fish popped up and soon a stunning Perch was in the net. We weighed the fish at 3lb exactly and took a few photos and slid her back to her watery home.

Passies Pond is a great place to try your hand at Perch fishing. If your in the Sussex area it’s well worth a visit. It’s not always as easy as Amber makes out though, but she does seem to have the golden touch when it comes to catching specimen fish.

We are in the final testing stages of a few new Clearwater float designs. Some of these are for stillwater use and others for running water. We shall release details of these new floats in the next month or so.

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