Rolled on a fishmeal base mix the Marine provides a valuable food source when carp need it most. The bait itself is high is animal proteins therefore instantly recognisable as beneficial, especially pre and post spawning and when the carp are really ‘getting their heads down’.


The addition of daphnia in the bait gives a real natural edge along with the extra shrimp and sea salt the Marine packs a punch as soon as the bag is opened. The texture of the bait offers the fish a real crunch when feeding as the small fishmeal particles are evident throughout and leave additional attraction in the swim even after it has passed through the carp continuing the feeding activity, perfect for prolonged baiting campaigns.


As opposed to many other fish meals The Marine has a subtle colour that works perfectly on waters that have been dominated by washed out or lighter coloured baits.


Available in 14mm and 20mm



5 KG = £35

10 KG = £60

100KG = £450