Made up on a ground nut and milk protien base mix the nut content is obvious as soon as the bag is opened, coupled with an additional salted caramel the Milky Nut has proved to be a winner on the bank from the outset.


Designed to offer the Carp a tasty bait full of natural nut oil and high in salt to give the fish all of the nutrients they need to be used as both a campaign and an instant bait.


The Milky Nut has a subtle washed out colour and passes through the fish with ease, enabling them to take valuable nutrients but continue to feed.
The nut has been equally effective as water temperatures cooled so offers the ideal winter alternative whilst being equally useful all year round.


Available Sizes - 14mm and 20mm


5 KG = £35
10 KG = £60
100 KG = £450