Clearwater floats are all made right here in the UK by skilled craftsmen resulting in a superior quality float that won’t let you down on the bank.  Using the finest grade balsa available and quality, hi-vis paint you can’t help but be struck by the quality as soon as you hold a Clearwater float.

All of our floats have been tank tested and can be shotted perfectly with the stated weight. Our Avon Alloys, Chubbers and Speci Wagglers allow you to fish with an ollivette down the line and just a small dropper shot on the hook link, or are equally effective with bulk shot or a strung out shotting pattern.  Our Flyers are self weighted and only require a further 3 x No 4 droppers to offer the perfect ‘on the drop’ presentation ensuring your hookbait mimics the free offerings as they fall through the water.

When the light levels fade, and specimen fish start to loose their guard, our floats will give you the chance to keep working the swim for those extra minutes due to their large, hi - vis tops.  The visible orange tops still offer the sensitivity required to indicate bites from the shyest of feeders.

Pop into one of our Stockists to have a look at our range in person, or feel free to place an order direct with us through this website.  We are confident that once our floats make their way into your tackle box they will remain a long standing companion on your fishing adventures.